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Psychotherapy and Counselling 


How it Can Benefit You

Psychotherapy & Counselling

There are many ways to describe psychotherapy and counselling. Often referred to as 'talking therapy', psychotherapy centres on discussions between therapist and client. These conversations will explore the way you see yourself and others. Thoughts and feelings can be hard to identify alone, with the help of a therapist you can discover what these are and begin to free yourself from situations you believe need to change.

Different Types of Psychotherapy I Offer

Quality Assurance 


You can bring to the session whatever is on your mind - feelings, thoughts, memories, dreams. As your relationship with the therapist develops, you will discover new insights and find different ways of addressing problems and feelings.  The first sessions will establish the focus of  what you would like to work on and the context of your relationships with others.


Working together will involve an exploration of alternative ways to deal with the problems identified and provide a renewed focus for pursuing your life goals. Changing can take time and effort, but is also a rewarding and exciting experience.

How it can benefit you

​The process of psychotherapy can help you to address and change all sorts of psychological, emotional and behavioural problems and challenges, or explore your life in more detail. 


Psychotherapy allows you to:

  • Be heard in a safe, non judgemental space

  • Understand your unique life experiences

  • Feel more empowered and in control of your life.

  • Create vibrant, meaningful, illuminating experiences

Different types of psychotherapy I offer

Quality Assurance

  • Full professional insurance

  • Adherence to UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) guidelines and practice

  • Ongoing supervision of therapeutic practice  

  • Enhanced DBS Check

  • Masters post graduate qualification

  • UKCP Clinical Psychotherapist membership

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